Some clarification on the final scores of the "Cetli" competition
As the competition details were not clear enough, we , have updated the description: "Public Score is being determined from only a fraction of the test data set (600 lines out of the 801). Private leaderboard (calculated on the whole test set) will be published after the competition is closed. Final prizes will be determined based on private score. "
Cetli ("Shopping List") Competition - meet the competitors!
We will discuss the cetli competition and it results on dec. 1 see you there!
The cetli competition as a graph-problem
HI all! On 20th October, the Neo4j meetup group will have a tutorial on, the Cetli ("Shopping List") Competition. At the event, you can learn how to use Neo4j to create a graph from the data and how to use graph-database methods on it. Check it our here:
Files form the workshop
You can follow the files of the "basics" workshop here:
Event: Cetli ("Shopping List") Competition - Basics workshop How to deal with the data-munging challenges in the Cetli competition? This workshop will guide the less-experienced competitors through some data munging steps. Also, we will hear a description of the challenge by Nextent, who prepared the data for the challenge. This will be a good opportunity for every participants to gain more insight on the data and its source.
Cetli ("Shopping List") Competition announcement event
We will introduce the Cetli ("Shopping List") Competition on the meetup's Python Data Night event. ( Wait for the very last talk! Save the date and the location, see you there